September 10  7-10
Meadows Village Pub

Septamber 16  8-12
Mattison's Main Grill

Setember 25  2-6 pm
Come Together Event
Memorabilia Sale
with Robin Skinner
peforming solo

October 1  8-11
Sarasota Sky Bar & Club
(Across from McCurdy's)

October 8  7-10
Meadows Village Pub

October 21  8-12
Mattison's Main Grill

November 5  8-11
Sarasota Sky Bar & Club

November 12  7-10
Meadows Village Pub

November 18  8-12
Mattison's Main Grill


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Upcoming Shows
The Sound of
                      L to R: Dick Cunico,  Fred Rios, Steve Markovich & Robin Skinner
Join your fellow Beatles fans and unleash yourself at one of our
upcoming performances!

Spend an evening reliving the unforgettable era of the Beatles!
Come Join Us at Your Favorite Venue
in the Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice Area!
The New
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Our new drummer - Dick Cunico,
played 'Ringo' in the Beatles tribute
band, Yesterday, for many years
in Las Vegas and on tour.